Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Tribute to My Oldest Pair

I had this pair for 7 years!
I bought this after my OJT back in college. I worked for an advertising production house and the assistant director I was crushing on had a similar pair so I bought one for myself. Pathetic eh? Hehe

Black Adidas Sneakers

The last time I wore this was about a year ago on a camping trip in Orani, Bataan.
It may not be the perfect footwear for the activity but its the oldest pair I have that I was willing to risk if ever trail gets muddy and shoes get ruined.

They say that the more you keep your rubber shoes stored and unused, the faster it gets damaged. I tried on this pair last week (after a year in its box), the soles on both shoes were slippery; rubber already worn out. This made me decide to give them up already.
It's kinda hard to let go coz aside from the worn out rubber, this pair is pretty much wearable.

I'm going to miss you and your blue box. Good bye.
I now have to buy another pair to fill in your slot :p

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