Sunday, May 30, 2010

Casual Weekends

I used to wear band-aids when I wear this pair so as not to get blisters but I now can use this without plaster protection. It's either my feet got used to this pair or the advice of my friend, Lilianne F., worked - she said that rubbing the parts of the shoes where it hurts with candle or wax will smoothen it, hence, eliminating the "ouch".

CLN white wedge
size 5

P.S. Driving in wedge is not as easy as driving in heels

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Shoes

It's the birthday of my boyfriend yesterday.
He keeps on telling me not to buy him anything and to just save my money. He's such a girl, right? Saying that but really means "It's okay don't buy me anything but really I'll feel bad if I don't get a gift"

I've been contemplating to buy him either a pair of topsiders or some metrosexual sneakers but being the casual joe that he is, wearing only either a pair of chuck taylors, vans or nike dunks, he might not use it.

So I decided to file a leave at work and scout the mall for a gift. While waiting for him to pick me up for his Birthday dinner, I saw this nice leather shoes in Aldo. Simple enough for his taste but at the same time classy and handsome when worn. I remembered he was complaining that the leather shoes he has looks already worn out (It was the leather shoes I bought him on Christmas of 2008. That's his only pair -- imagine that). It's the perfect gift for him in the sense that he will never buy it but really needs it.

P.S. There was this nice yellow and black doll shoes pumps on sale but its size 5 was still too big for my feet. BUMMER!!!

The Birthday Boy with his plastic smile. Hehe

Aldo Lace up Leather Shoes
size 10

Friday, May 28, 2010

Monsieur Louboutin

Watched the Gala Premier of Sex and The City 2 last night and oh how I would love to be in their shoes (literally). Carrie set aside her Manolos and rocked her Louboutins in this sequel. Most of the shoes worn by Carrie, and even the other girls, were Louboutins.
*Sigh* It would be a dream come true if I get even just one pair of designer shoes.
I'm practical enough to settle for the "look for less" alternatives but if ever I get a chance to own a pair (for free.. hehe) why not?! :pAside from the red strappy platforms in the poster above (which i believe are Louboutins too) I'm posting 2 of my favorite pairs below

Christian Louboutin's 'Pigalle' stilettos in gold glitter finish

Christian Louboutin's Gino t-strap pumps

I recently learned that the "red sole" is Monsieur Louboutin's trademark - Branding without the obvious logos, classy!:).
They say that a glance of a red sole on a lady's
shoe is sexy. What do you think?

Louboutin pairs are said to be:
"sexy but not slutty shoes that cost almost if not more than half a grand that you can barely walk in"

here's my pair of the "red sole" shoes (not Louboutins. LOL!)
Pumps by SINTA

I just realized, I didn't say much about the movie itself. Hey! I'm doing a shoe blog here and not a movie review. hehe
Why don't you see it for yourself. Bring the girls (or even your beau).
Your Php150 will be worth it.

SEX AND THE CITY 2 in cinemas JUNE 2

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex & The City Wednesday

Just got home from the press screening of Sex and The City 2 at Powerplant and I just have to post this before going to bed.

This pretty feet unfortunately is not mine.
My officemate, Itchy Santos, was wearing this lovely silver pair from Top ENd (A local brand in Australia) and I just had to take its picture

I've always believed that the shoes you wear can make or break your outfit.
Itchy is wearing a simple white shirt and grey jeggings with a black cardigan (cardigan from G Online Shop) yet she looks super pretty and classy.

Hers and mine :)

Wore this bronze jeweled wedge pair to the premier.
I will be posting some Sex & The City stuff tomorrow.
Good night for now :)

Charles & Keith (again) :p

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesdays with Charles and Keith

Practicing driving in heels.
I usually change to my slippers whenever I drive but my girlfriends say that it's just as easy. Haven't tried driving a stick shift wearing heels though. I think it will be a challenge stepping on the clutch.

Surprisingly i lasted the whole day wearing this. I used to get blisters whenever I wear this. I guess my feet got used to it already.

Charles & Keith
Size 5

Yellow Monday

Starting the week right by feeling right.
Perking up my black and white attire with a bright bold yellow peep-toe pair.

Bought this at around Php2,500 sometime last year. Quite pricey for a local brand but the Comfy-ness and unique color made this pair worth it. I can walk and stand all day and night wearing this.

Size 5

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shoes on a Bottle

Speaking of Manolo Blahnik - In celebration of Coke Light's 25th Anniversary, the first designer bottle was recently launched in Netherlands.

Saw this posted by ANDY (one of my favorite bloggers)

Shoes and the City

Who would forget this blue Manolo Blahnik satin pumps in Sex & The City (The Movie)? This pair played a major role in the movie and instantly became every girls must have. The big screen sequel of HBO's hit TV series will be in cinemas starting June 2. I can't wait to see the fashion, the shoes and glam of Carrie and the girls.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi! I'm Golda, 27years old and I'm a shoeaddict

Since i don't have anything better to do, I decided to start this shoe blog. it's actually a continuation of the "SHOE DIARY" i made last August 2009 in my multiply account

This blog will be all about my shoes, your shoes, his shoes, her shoes, shoes i want to own, shoes i can't afford, shoes, shoes, shoes, all about shoes.

Had some of my pairs shot this afternoon by Rix Photography. Will be posting them soon.