Saturday, June 5, 2010

Parisian Sandals

I got to check out SM Department Store last night while waiting for my boyfriend.
Parisian, SM Department Store's house brand for ladies shoes, recently launched their new collection during the Philippine Fashion Week (June'10). The shoes from the collection are perfect for the fashionistas. However prices for the pairs are around Php1,200 which may seem too pricey for the brand. Usually, the price of Parisian ranges from Php300-Php800 only. The quality and style makes up for the additional pesos though. The other pairs seems to be photogenic but doesn't really look nice in actual.

For some reason, size 5 of the new designs are big for my feet :(
Shoe shopping never fails to disappoint me. I always find it hard to find a pair that fits.
I bought this pair for only Php 499.75

Beige Strappy Sandals
Parisian, SM Department Store

I look fat! (or is it just me? :p)

Before leaving for work on a Saturday


  1. you look good with those shoes or the shoes looks good on you. Fashion & taste has nothing to do w/ cost.

  2. why, thank you :)
    that's exactly the point of my blog