Saturday, April 30, 2011

Im in shoephoria :)

I won!! I won!! yey!!
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      Here are my shoe choices from Schutz that I would like to have. Boy was it tough to narrow down my choices to just 3 pairs.

Keeping my fingers crossed that one of these has a size 5 :)

Dad's Shoes

     My new pair looks like one of my dad's shoes. Do you know what I'm saying? I'm sure your dad also owns one. I also remember Edu Manzano with this pair for some reason. Hehe :)
     I posted a similar pair in gray from Pill last January (click HERE) This pair from Possibility is more comfortable. It has cushion like in-soles compared to that on the link.  I love it.

I'm loving the tassels :)

The Look for Less (Louboutin Praia)

     I fell in love with Louboutin's wedge platform espadrille, Praia, the first time I laid eyes on it last year. I even wanted to have it custom-made locally since I wouldn't be able to afford the real thing but never got to.

     I got the chance to go window shopping a while ago and I saw this! A replica from Australian.  Infairness, they were really able to get a similar espadrille sole.  The buckles are not so nice though. I tried them on and they were pretty comfy. I think it's because of the "padding" they used on the part where you step on. Not bad eh?
Australian Platform Wedge Espadrille at P1,800. A bit too pricey for the brand if you ask me

Here's another version w/ ribbon and ankle straps.

Portable Shoe Organizer

Saw this at Le Devi (aka Divisoria) for only P120.00
     This shoe organizer is not only a space saver in your room but is also very portable. Easier to bring around instead those bulky shoeboxes which are hard to carry.  Perfect for celebrities, stylists, fashionistas and just about anyone who's always on the go.

 A friend of mine posted the picture above in Facebook with the caption -- "Maintaining two "closets" -- one in batangas, one in manila -- is not an easy job; so I store practically everything in my car. Hence, keeping my car tidy becomes an equally difficult task. Good thing J-Mee Ortiz gave me this shoe organizer that made my car a whole lot cleaner! Super thanks! Imma buy some more of this! :D" - Vevs

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tell Your MEN!! :)

Accessories for your flip-flops

     Have you heard about Pininho? It's a flip-flop accessory brand. Apparently the ONLY one in the market.  Pininho is Portuguese for "Cute Little Pin". These fun and quirky decorative pin can me your flip-flop less boring and different.  You can turn a dull, normal flip-flop to something kikay and even make a fashion statement with it.  They have a lot of designs that can suit ones taste and even ones mood. 

Here are some of my personal picks

Pininho is available in All Flip-Flop stores nationwide (and selected retail shops. click HERE for the complete list) 
for only P110 per rubber pin

All photos are from PININHO PHILIPPINES OFFICIAL FAN PAGE. LIKE their page. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Loveable Billionaire and A Wimpy Kid

     I dunno why Arthur is not getting that much good reviews from movie critics abroad. I actually liked it. I love Mr. Katy Perry's humor and accent. Jennifer Garner and Hellen Mirren as expected delivered their roles well. I love them both too.  I didn't like Greta Gerwig though. I find her acting not convincing.. For me, another blonde actress could have played the part better -- Amanda Seyfried maybe? or.. anybody else. I didn't see the spark and connection between her character and Arthur.

Jennifer Garner wearing Casadei's Black Satin Pumps (w/ her Oscar de la Renta Pre-fall 2011 ensemble) during the New York premiere of Arthur last week.

     This double platform satin pumps seems to be very popular with hollywood celebrities. Below are the other celebrities who had worn the same pair. 

 photos from

 Catch ARTHUR in Philippine cinemas on APRIL 23 (SAT)
     Diary of A Wimpy Kid 2 is also opening on APRIL 23. An equally fun and entertaining movie for the whole family. Much better than the first installment. Kids and parents would definitely relate to.

Watch this funny clip of Rowley. He's so adorable :)

See you at the movies after the Holy Week :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So! Fab and comfy :)

     You've probably seen this shoes a couple of times already in this blog. Bought this last March and it's my most used pair already (next to my flats). Infairness, they're so comfy! I would last the whole day and even walk around the mall after office hours with them. I love it!! I should go back to the shop (So! Fab) and buy the other colors.
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     Sharing some of the photos I saw in my phone -- these pics made me realized that I've worn this pair too many times already.

 The day that I bought this pair. If I remember it right this pair cost only around P1,000.
Yeah -- cheap, chic and comfy! :)

 Yup, I'm wearing a Justin Bieber shirt. Haha! Im still a "teenager" at heart .

My Monday look

TGIF. What I wore earlier.

     Sorry for the quality of the photos. As you can see, I took them using my phone and the lighting inside the elevator is not that good but it's the only place with a nice full length mirror I can use (If not here, our office restroom :p)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Shoephoria.. What's yours?

     For shoe lovers like me, I believe you already have an account in - your very own virtual shoe closet that helps you organize your collection and at the same, time share and interact with other shoe addicts.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Take me to RIO

     RIO THE MOVIE --- Fun and colorful, very much entertaining - the dialogue, punch lines, animation, music.. everything. Love love love. Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy this movie. A family movie and a date flick :)
 Anne Hathaway wore Casadei wedges during RIO's Sneak "Beak" screening in LA last January

Louboutin Banana blue tie-dye peep-toe pumps  (White lace dress from D&G Spring 2011) during the press screening last March in Brazil
 Here's the rest of the cast

RIO NOW SHOWING in cinemas everywhere. 
Experience the fun and color in digital 3D at select cinemas

20th Century Fox Philippines is giving out limited RIO premium items. Like their FANPAGE and check out THIS link on how to join.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Window SHOEpping

     Window shoEpping at Forever 21 while waiting for the bf. I was surprised to see some pairs in my size (as I seldom see size 5. They run out like they weren't even in the inventory).  Too bad the black pair is just to high for me to walk in and Im just not feeling the beige one. Maybe coz I already have a look-a-like pair.  I always enjoy window shoEpping and just trying on shoes especially when I'm alone in the mall.  Such a fun way to kill time.

     On other news the bf got a new toy. Here's a test shot. hehe Love it! Even if I have no make-up and don't look fresh anymore.. Not too obvious noh? :p
P.S. I'm wearing my first pair of POSHies. I want to go to the Coachella bazaar this weekend and check out their new styles and other brands. Hopefully I get to go tomorrow.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Drooling over these McQueen boots.

This 2nd pair seems to be too pretty to wear. Hehe

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flatforms Y or N?

     Flatforms (No, I'm not barok - mash up of flat shoes and platforms) are said to be the hottest trend this year. I love ballet flats as much as I love wedges but... I don't think the flatform trend is for me. I don't find it hot and sexy at all. Plus as per MyShoephoria - "these towering flats are not anymore easier to walk in as well. Unlike sandals and heels, the chunky soles cannot bend with the natural movement of the foot and ankles. It’s still more possible to run in heels then running in solid blocks!" - Comfiness of the flats and wedge shoes is the primary reason why I love wearing them. So again, minus ganda points for flatforms.