Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laid Back Saturday + Happy Halloween

Movie marathon saturdate :) 
Decided to wear my gladiator sandals from Hong Kong. I haven't worn this for quite sometime now.
My DIY pedicure sucks :p

 Mirror Pic inside the comfort room. Hehehe

Happy Halloween Guys!
Boring Halloween for me this year - I didn't get to dress up. Pffft. So let me just share with you my past Halloween costumes :)
Halloween 2008 - Lady Guard
Halloween 2009 - Ken & Barbie
     Last year, my cousins and I organized a Halloween party - VIP Halloween. Too bad everyone's much too busy this year for a part 2. Here are some pictures of the event.
Gossip Girl . Barbie . Lady Gaga . Elle Woods 
The Joker . The Devil . The Barbie 
Vampire . Lara Croft . Emo Dude . Mortal Combat Guy
Pretty Vampire Girl .  Soccer Player . Barbie . Lego Man
Josie and the Pussycats
Amy Winehouse
Ellen Degeneres interviewing Barbie :p 
Morticia Adams
Lady Gaga 
Retro Police
Audrey Hepburn

Friday, October 29, 2010

Get Ready For RainThis Weekend

Plueys are for everyone! Whatever your style and personality, there's a pair for you. 
     Perfect for the country's rainy season. Who would want dirty pants and wet feet, right? Umbrellas are just not enough to keep you dry when you walk in the rain.
     We will be visiting our dearly departed this weekend. Be ready for the downpour and spare your shoes from getting ruined by the rain and mud at the cemetery.
Plain rainboots are also available. Check out READY FOR RAIN website

     Too shy for boots? Wear rainskimmers instead :) They're waterproof ballet flats with full cotton lining unlike other "plastic" shoes.  These are also perfect for those who take the public transportation on rainy days and wouldn't want to get stares coz of their boots nor want wet feet.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Praying for JC

Dear Lord,

     Please please please, have one size 5 of JC's FOXY WOOD IN LEOPARD reserved for me. And please make its size 5 perfect for my feet.  I read from that this will be available at SM Fashion Forum in SM Dept Store Makati by end of October to early November. Please please please.. I promise I'll be good.


Print on Heels

     Platforms with unique heels (i dunno what they're called) from Janilyn. I love the color and the print. Gives the shoes this "antique" and elegant feel.
     Passed by their shop in Galleria yesterday and saw this in dark color/print and in 2 more different styles. I love how the brand evolves with the times.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Colors & Spring

John Galliano for Christian Dior's Spring/Summer 2011

Despite the criticisms I actually like them. I'm loving the colors :)
I guess "wooven" is in season too. PRADA's collection also have similar wooven material.

Photos from The Shoeblog

There's Something About Mari

Saw this online and I instantly fell inlove. Who wouldn't, right? It's so pretty
They're quite affordable too. Only $69.95 (around Php3,218)
Glamm Bakers

also available in Taupe and Black
Oh so sexy, Marilyn, looking GLAMMourous in her Bakers
check out her Chictopia and SomethingAboutMari

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turquoise Accents

     I ♥ her turquoise accesories and how they accentuate the basic black outfit. Oh, and those turquoise things on her feet are to die for!! EEeep! I love!!

The Hottest Footwear Trend for Winter 2010

The Hottest Footwear Trend for Winter 2010
 from Label (Y!)

1. Laced Up Boots

2. Shoe Boots

3. Ankle Length Boots and Buckles
(buckles even on high heeled sandals)

4. Over The Knee Boots are back!!

5. Clogs are still in

6. Wedges

7. Oxfords are still big this season

Watch this VIDEO

Monday, October 18, 2010

Killer Boots

     Remember those Forever 21 shoes my beau got me recently? (click HERE) Well, I'm wearing the brown tab ankle stiletto boots today.
      OMG!! I literally can't walk properly haha. My toes and balls of my feet are crying and cursing me. LOL. Too bad coz they're so nice but I won't be able to walk and parade them around. I just wish I wouldn't do alot of walking today :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shoes (Life) as We Know It

     Life as we know it is not always about shallow stuff like shoes or clothes. It's not just about being vain.. and most importantly not just about yourself.  Attended the press screening of Life As We Know It last Thursday in Makati - click HERE to watch the trailer.
     The movie may be predictable but it's still entertaining and touching. Single girls and guys + married couples will definitely be able to relate to the characters in the movie.
How cute is baby Sophie with her pink high cut Chuck Taylors?
Josh Duhamel is H-O-T!!! :D

     Aside from the classic styles, Converse also has these cute animal-themed sneakers for your cute "little animals". I can't wait to start my own family. Been dreaming about it for sometime now :) I want a boy then a girl 
Converse All Star Animals for Toddlers 1 - 3.5

     More cute footwear for the cute little gremlins, this time from Zara. Having a baby is like having a real- life doll only this time you can't just put it away when you get tired :p
Zara Kids

Do catch the movie in theaters starting next week :)
Cute, fun movie + Josh Duhamel is such an eye candy :p

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Personal Picks for Spring 2011

I just want to share my personal picks for Spring 2011 by different designers
Pairs I would or can wear
Nicole Miller - Doo.Ri - Phillip Lim

Lela Rose for Payless - Michael van der Ham - Tommy Hilfiger

Louis Vuitton - Cynthia Rowley - Versus

Christian Dior - Lanvin - Christian Siriano for Payless
Photos from

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One of the Tues in Oct :)

Wore this yesterday
Steve Madden Platforms
     Got this pair as a prize from D for completing my SHOE DIARY in Multiply back in July 2009 : 30 days, 30 pairs.
     It started as a dare but I actually enjoyed the "project" and ended up signing up for blogspot to continue my online "shoe diary"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ALDO in NY Fashion Week 2010

     "At ALDO, no fashion genius is misunderstood. Designers trust our world-renowned fashion footwear design and know-how to make even their wildest dream come true on the runway." - Aldo Shoes

Here are ALDO's collaboration with different designers for their SPRING 2011 collections
ALDO for Graeme Armour

ALDO for Christian Cota

ALDO for Jonathan Simkhai

ALDO for Julian Louie

ALDO for Erin Fetherston

50% OFF - Happy Birthday, Renegade Folk

FOR MORE DETAILS and for a chance to win a free pair on Friday (10.15.10)
Like them on FACEBOOK
Follow them on TWITTER

Check out their collection as well

Bowling in Heels

     Only Kim Kardashian can get away with bowling in her heels.  Peasants like us have to swap our street shoes to those rented bowling shoes. Hey, who would want to swap their Louboutins right?
     "Kim Kardashian hosted and then bowled at the grand opening of a new bowling alley at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut Saturday night" -- CLICK HERE for the complete story

sky-high Louboutin pumps as bowling shoes :p
Photos from :

Monday, October 11, 2010

iloveruffag 's shoes :)

     I am a recent follower of Ruffa Guttierez - a local celebrity and beauty queen, in twitter and I saw this post. I love love the beauties she's wearing
     Can anyone tell me what brand of shoes she's wearing? I find the details simple (compared to other eccentric pairs) elegant and beautiful. Not too exaggerated and very much wearable :) I'm in love ♥