Sunday, May 30, 2010

Casual Weekends

I used to wear band-aids when I wear this pair so as not to get blisters but I now can use this without plaster protection. It's either my feet got used to this pair or the advice of my friend, Lilianne F., worked - she said that rubbing the parts of the shoes where it hurts with candle or wax will smoothen it, hence, eliminating the "ouch".

CLN white wedge
size 5

P.S. Driving in wedge is not as easy as driving in heels


  1. Nice :) Do you have to rub your foot with wax before wearing the shoes or is it like, a before-you-sleep ritual? :P

  2. no. you rub the wax inside the shoe itself.. where it hurts. Usually at the back part -- upper part of your heel? dunno what you call it

  3. I'm a fan of your shoe diary, such a nifty idea. 30 days,30 pairs. :)

    I kinda think I met you. Oh now I remember, you're the pretty girl who gave me my diary of a whiny kid premiere tickets. :) wow small world, you happen to know a person i know.

  4. hey, thanks Maureen :)
    Diary of A Wimpy Kid premiere? Yup that's probably me. Super small world

  5. Haha! Maureen, She's Vitto's older sister :P And she's my cousin too. :)

  6. Oh Vitto's older sister, I see I see :)

    Wow you cousins each have your own obsessions.

    And I must say, you're both faring good at it :D