Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Brunch

I usually sleep in on Sunday mornings but I had to get up today for a family lunch at The Fort.
Still a little hungover from my brother's birthday party last night, I slipped in the first dress I saw.
After lunch, we did a little family window shopping before going home.

at Charles & Keith Bonifacio High Street - no i didn't buy anything :) I'm trying to save up for my August trip. I plan to splurge in Hong Kong.

The salesperson asked me where I bought this, apparently they don't have this style here yet. Booyah!:P

I bought this at Charles & Keith in Vivo City Mall, Singapore just last month.
It was our last day and hours before our flight back I was feeling frustrated that I still haven't bought myself a nice pair of shoes to bring home. Since the brand is homegrown and is practically in every mall there (it's also a couple of hundreds cheaper compared from the price here in the Philippines) I decided to buy the first pair that catches my eye. Luckily size 5 fitted.

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