Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fashionista's Shoe Closet

Hey guys, take a peek inside my new shoe closet

     My shoes do not even come close to half of this. Thanks to Lloyda Lim of FASHIONISTA FORTUNE COOKIE for allowing me to post her pictures.  I got ashamed with my blog entry where I posted shots of my shoe boxes when I saw this. Fellow imeldistas probably raised their eyebrows on me on how few my pairs are.  I'm so naive to think that this type of closet only belongs to famous celebrities.

How about you? How does your shoe closet looks like? Email me pictures :)


  1. woah! wish I have a closet like that too.. so many shoes!!!! still thinking if I place the shoes inside a cabinet and throw the boxes away or do the same way you did, in the other post..

  2. Haha! She needs more space! Her shoes are packed real tight! But its still looks like a work of art anyways :P

    Let's ask your mom's office to make us a lovely shoe rack :P

    Or, you can take a picture of our "secret" wall / shoe stash, but I have to fix the shoes first! Haha! :))

  3. Oh my God I thought this was yours... I was drooling!! Hahaha..

    You have an awesome blog :)