Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Virtual Insanity

I love love love this pink heel-less doll shoes from VIRTUAL MAE
3 little words broke my heart though "out of stock" :(
     I first saw the site when it was featured in STYLEBIBLE sometime last year but I've been hesitant to order shoes online as my feet size is not a consistent 5 (for some reason).  It was until recently that I got to check out her site again, and boy did I go insane!

Here are the other pairs I fell in love with.  What do you think?
I so want to visit her show room if she has one.
     I'm kinda obsessed with wedges at the moment. I used to think that only the Spice Girls wear sky-high wedges. Well, I now think of myself as the 6th Spice Girl :p

Click HERE to check out Virtual Mae's Collection


  1. her shoes are amazing!!!:) and those pink wedges are tdf:)

    P.S. I'm hosting a big giveaway on my blog now. Hope you could join!


  2. her shoes are really amazing!!! i got a couple from her i'm saving up to buy more! hehehe.

  3. hey golda!

    re: about the pics. sure no problem :)

  4. wow those shoes are pretty awesome! the last two are my faves. will go check it now. thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Virtual Mae Shoes are absolutely gorgeous.. :D I ordered the 522 wedge (the second picture on this entry) and will be getting it at the end of the month. Cant wait! :)