Monday, July 19, 2010

I want those SCHUs

     I recently followed SCHU's twitter and joined their online promo. I seldom join promos as I don't normally win (make that.. never win) but since the promo was simply tweeting "@schu_shop I want to #chaseschu" for a chance to win P2,000 worth of SCHU gift certificate, I gave it a shot. Promo will end tonight (June 19) at exactly 11:45pm local time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed til then.

     Here's an interesting Twitter promo that will start tomorrow. 
I dunno why but I'm kinda excited. Who knows, I might join this game.
Sharing with you guys, a couple of my SCHUs :)
These are my "office shoes". It can go from corporate to casual-corporate look


  1. great shoes!! i love the lighter color one the most!!

  2. Golda! Check us out! You're in our blog!