Thursday, July 8, 2010

Comfort and Fashion

     Why can't all shoes be soft and comfortable? The kind that will make you not want to remove it even after a long day.  The one that you can walk around with from dusk til dawn.  Why can't it be comfortable and fashionable at the same time... all the time.  I know for a fact that most girls endure the pain of wearing uber nice shoes but really are already killing their feet. It's a price girls have to pay for fashion.

     I was in Trinoma last night and got to check out The Landmark Department Store for some nice shoes. I didn't plan to buy anything but was so tempted to get some pairs because of how comfortable they are. I'm sharing some of the pairs I wanted.

New Arrivals from CARMELLETES
Garterized Strappy Heels and Laced-Up Flats
Both shoes have "cushioned-soles". It feels like you're stepping on mini pillows.
I'm pretty sure you can walk with these pairs all day or party all night without the ball part of your feet having that burning feeling.

Round Toe and Peep Toe flats from PRIMADONA
These pairs are made of soft leather. It felt like cloth. Perfect for everyday wearing.

Strappy Flat Sandals from AUSTRALIAN
The straps are made of smooth materials (they're not stiff)
I wanted this style before so I bought a similar one which i posted BEFORE . Now they're everywhere with better quality.  Alot of brands in the department store have this style. Pfft!

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