Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Basyang Aftermath

     Basyang, the first typhoon to hit Manila (Philippines) this year, arrived yesterday (07/13/10).  Typhoons normally start early June - not that we're complaining that it just came in now.  We experience Bashang's wrath until around 3am this morning.

Here's what I woke up to. (A heavy heart and) Our backyard after the typhoon.
     That's the tent where my sister usually parks her car. Luckily she was on night shift and her car is safely parked in the covered parking of her office building.

     Weather's calm now.  No more furious winds and hard rain, Mr. Sun is peeking a little already. Perfect time to wear my leather boots :)  It has been in its box for the longest time since our weather has been extremely hot and dry for more than just a couple of months.
Black leather boots from Aldo
I love love the buttons at the back part. Makes it kinda different from the other pairs sold in the different shops in the country.


  1. love your boots :) and the buttons too :)

  2. OMG.... This is how bad it was??????????