Friday, August 27, 2010

Why oh why?

I was in SM Megamall last Monday and I breezed through Forever 21 but i didn't see these babies :(

     I just saw these while I was browsing Facebook. Why am I not a fan of FOREVER 21's FACEBOOK PAGE?  I saw the other shoes in the "New Arrival for August" photo album in the store but the pairs I fancy weren't.  I'm not sure if they are already sold out or if they arrived after Monday.

     I already bought 5 pairs of shoes for this month (im not proud of it) and I promised myself that I will not buy another one unless I get to use my new shoes at least once.  So I guess, God didn't want me to see these shoes in the store so as to help me keep my promise.  But why did He lead me to Forever 21's page? Is He telling me that it's okay to buy another pair? Hehe

*sigh* SOMEBODY HELP ME. I seriously need to stop (for the meantime at least)

1 comment:

  1. ah f21 shoes go out of stock really fast!!! i hate it! i never get to buy the shoes i like coz they're gone by the time i go to megamall.