Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Shoe Enthusiast Convert

     My BF used to get mad at me whenever I buy a new pair. He doesn't get the point on why I keep on buying (I can't help it).  Some of his quotable quotes:

"Ilan ba paa mo? Masusuot mo ba yan lahat sabay sabay?" 
(How many feet do you have? Will you be able to wear all your shoes at the same time?")

"Sapatos nanaman?!" 
(You bought shoes again?)

"I'll buy you anything except shoes"

     My shoes all look the same for him - may it be a wedge, pumps or flats. They just differ in color.  What happened in Hong Kong was a revelation and worth blogging - he realized that he also has love for shoes 

I'm not the only one who have SHOTS of myself trying on shoes :p
     After our second day in Hongkong, he already bought 2 pairs of Nike and 3 pairs of Converse.  Haha! Now he knows how I feel. 
     I was pushing him to buy some boat shoes and those metrosexual kind of sneakers but I guess I just have to be patient for him to go all out. He still feels awkward wearing "maporma" shoes (or clothes).

He even tried them on again when we got back to our hotel.


  1. your bf is super adorable! hahaha. my husband is the same always asking me why i always buying new shoes when i only have a pair of feet. hehehe. but he himself is a shopaholic! he sometimes buy more shoes that me during our travels!

    oh i'm having a baby boy! :D

  2. yeah i think boys are really more shopaholic than us.

    ooh congrats. baby boys are the cutest. I'm wishing for a baby boy too (when the time comes :p hehe)

  3. =). Guys are sometimes like that. Closet Shoe Shopaholics---haha.
    Last year, my boyf set me a limit of ONLY 5 pairs of shoes/sandals, etc. I had to give away some of the shoes...=(. What's funny was that we never really gotten to culling them to five pairs. Finally, he relented to my having 10 pairs. haha. Now everytime I want to buy I must give away a pair.hmp.boys! I should probably limit the hours he spends playing DOTA just to get even,=)

  4. I wish I could push erwin to buy those "colored" shoes also! He thinks its not bagay! I love ur blog pre, this is my shoe outlet since I can't push myself to wear new styles aside from my flats! =)

  5. je suis grande fan de converse moi trop meme