Monday, August 9, 2010

SHOEpping in Hong Kong

     I love love the shoe on my RIGHT foot.  It was almost the exact same pair as that of THE SHOE GIRL that I super like.  I was willing to buy this at 996HKD as it was really comfortable even with it's 4in heels.  Good thing their size 5 doesn't fit :) 
     I was becoming frustrated again with SHOEpping as most of the pairs I wanted didn't fit but then again, sometimes its a blessing in disguise coz if not, I could have been more bankrupt than I am right now. Haha

Tried on some Louboutins and I got this *kilig* feeling. LOL

     I felt like Cinderella. Louboutin's size 5 fits me perfectly :) But I have to wake up from my fantasy coz this time, it's the budget that doesn't fit. LOL. Thanks to my BF for the stolen shots.


  1. oh those are pretty! especially the second photo with laces. i really love loubotin heels too!

  2. you shouldve bought those louboutin! they are gorgeous!

  3. louboutins are love! you have such small feet! size 5!

    also, is it ok to ask what brand those sneakers you're wearing in this post are? theyre cute! :)

  4. Hey. im wearing my converse all star light :)

  5. Hi! Yes I worked at RDS before!:) I handled the mens and ladies accessories:)

  6. wah the Louboutin oh so pretty!!!