Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Candy Girl

     Marguax of Candymag shares what she's wearing for the whole month of August in 
"31 Days of Style:Margaux Romero"
     I like how simple and classy her style is. Aside from her sweet look, she has uber nice pairs of shoes :p (why else would I blog about this. duh!). She's halfway through and she only repeated 2 pairs so far. 
I posted x-large photos so we can take a closer look on her shoes :)
Shoes from Forever 21
Shoes from Via Uno 
Shoes from Forever 21
Shoes from Go Jane
Shoes from Go Jane
Flats from Shoebox
Sneakers from Converse
Sandals from Bangkok
Flats from Forever 21
Wedge Shoes from Aldo
Heels from Go Jane
Platforms from Gucci
Booties from Go Jane
Flat shoes from SM Dept Store

click HERE to follow her daily outfit posts for the rest of the month.


  1. omg! drooling over her shoes!!!!

  2. love her style! very wearable.. and nothing too overpowering.. i love the Via Uno and Go Jane shoes.. googling now where to find them..