Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bizarre Shoes in History

1. Chopines (Italy 1580-1620)

2. Kabkabs (Lebanon 14th-17th Century)

3. Padukas / Toe Knob Sandals (India 1700s)

4. Men's High Heels (Europe 1700s)

5. Okobo (Japan 18th Century - Present)

6. Wooden Bridal Shoes (France late 19th Century)

7. Plaited Birch Bark Shoe (Finland mid 20th Century)

8. Lotus Shoes (China 10th Century - 2009)

9. The Ballet Boot (1980's to Present)

10. Heel-less Shoes (2007)

BONUS: The Armadillo Shoes by Alexander Mcqueen

click on the LINK for a more detailed write up about the history of the shoes 

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