Friday, August 20, 2010

Cute Floral Oxfords from Ichigo

     Ooh these oxfords are so girly cute :) I love them.  My beau is not a fan of oxford shoes on girls coz according to him, we look funny wearing guy shoes. I'm sure he'll change his mind when I get my feet on these lovely pairs from ICHIGO.

     The brand carries a wide array of not just oxford shoes, but sandals, heels and other flat shoes as well. click HERE to check out their collection

     Fashionista Fortune Cookie is giving away a free pair to one of her lucky readers (local only). click HERE to join the promo :)


  1. awesome!!! too bad i dont live in the philippines!! :D

    i just realized something.. did you go to AA before? (coz you look familiar.. hehehe!)

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