Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday Morning Dilemma

     I wanted to wear my new Parisian heels yesterday but I can't decide what outfit to wear with it and if I should wear it with socks or not. Haha! problems i have :p I was running late for work so I decided to just wear my trusty blue oxfords instead.
Parisian Heels
with or without socks?
I decided to wear it without socks today :)


  1. I think it would look cute without the socks if you were wearing a skirt..
    Just out of curiosity, how many pairs of shoes do you have? Haha!

  2. I think it's better without socks. So, your choice was perfect :D

  3. this is so cute!! I thnk the shoes are great as they are with pants. but with a skirt the socks would look adorable!! xx