Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bowling in Heels

     Only Kim Kardashian can get away with bowling in her heels.  Peasants like us have to swap our street shoes to those rented bowling shoes. Hey, who would want to swap their Louboutins right?
     "Kim Kardashian hosted and then bowled at the grand opening of a new bowling alley at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut Saturday night" -- CLICK HERE for the complete story

sky-high Louboutin pumps as bowling shoes :p
Photos from : huffingtonpost.com


  1. Interesting post! ;) But then I can't imagine myself on heels while doing the bowling thing! =D

  2. she's weird. and that includes her ass. :s

  3. hahaha saw this on yahoo this morning and my gawd,,, i dont know if she's being crazy or what?! but i love her outfit and shoes... it's all that matters. ♥