Friday, October 29, 2010

Get Ready For RainThis Weekend

Plueys are for everyone! Whatever your style and personality, there's a pair for you. 
     Perfect for the country's rainy season. Who would want dirty pants and wet feet, right? Umbrellas are just not enough to keep you dry when you walk in the rain.
     We will be visiting our dearly departed this weekend. Be ready for the downpour and spare your shoes from getting ruined by the rain and mud at the cemetery.
Plain rainboots are also available. Check out READY FOR RAIN website

     Too shy for boots? Wear rainskimmers instead :) They're waterproof ballet flats with full cotton lining unlike other "plastic" shoes.  These are also perfect for those who take the public transportation on rainy days and wouldn't want to get stares coz of their boots nor want wet feet.

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