Monday, October 4, 2010

Model Wannabe HAHA

Taupe Ballet Flats from Shoebox
My everyday shoes - may it be in the office or weekend dates :)
Photo by Dandy Chua
This entry is so vain, but I really like this photo of me :)


  1. haha. parang galit ka ah :) thanks, girl :)

  2. Hindi naman masyado... Hahahaha!!!
    Btw, what do you think of these?


  3. finsk :) i like em. quite edgy for Manila fashion though - im sure one would get a lot of stares if she wears this in the mall. but given a chance... id wear them too :) hehe i think they're comfortable too (or at least that's what Andy blogged. she wore that pair lotsa times and is said to be her favorite coz its comfy :)

  4. Please tell me who Andy is, I'd like to check her blog. Forgive the ignorance, I'm a new blogger. :P

    Would you like a pair??? :D

  5. andy is the girl in the picture :) -- feeling close lang ako first name basis :p

  6. Oh right.. Hahahahaha! Tanga ko, hindi ko na-notice na Andy nga naman ang name niya. Haha!!

    IKAW NA ANG MAY SWEET NA BOYFRIEND. Lol. I miss mine! :(

  7. hehe. i have been her follower long before i started a blog of my own.
    aaaaaw. LDR right?

  8. Yes, LDR.. But he'll be back on Feb next year.. He's just in the States for his Med Internship.. I miss it when he buys me shoes too.. I think its super nakaka-kilig when guys do that to their girlfriends.. <3

  9. nice M.D. for a husband to be :) feb is just around the cornner :) pabili ka ng mga designer shoes dun :p hehe