Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Barbie Shoes

ShOe cute. I know this is old news but I saw these again while bored at work (ssshhh :p)
I just can't resist to post.

And here's Louboutin Barbie shoes for humans. Hehe 
Yea, wear it and look (or at least feel) like a barbie doll.

      I used to play with Barbie dolls when I was younger... too bad I didn't grown up looking like them, like these girls :p Haha wait too funny. This reminded me that I came as Barbie to a costume party 2 Halloweens ago. LOL. Click here

Ken & Barbie. Oooh Ken is too hot! ♥


  1. Hi Golda!!! Wow! They're all lovely!!!

    Followed you already:)

    It was nice meeting you!

    Much love

  2. so barbie like! I wish i can wear high heels too :(
    BTW, nice blog. I followed you :)

    Kat -