Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lost & Found

Point-y purple-ish snake skin pumps from Janilyn
     I totally forgot about this pair already. I spent one week in South Korea for work 2 years ago and I only brought with me 1 pair of shoes! I wanted to pack light since I'll be with the bosses and I didn't want them to be judging me if I bring a lot of shoes for the trip. I wore this during the day with my business casual get up and during cocktails at night. Pumps is the safest style of shoes if you ask me. It can go with any attire. So when in doubt, wear pumps :)

 Here's a photo of a younger me during the last night of our Korea Trip (August 2009)

w/ the other marketing reps of the different territories in Asia. 
After dinner shot before heading to the Karaoke bar


  1. i totally agree, pumps look great with anything. i just wish i was a little bit more comfortable in them. i live in platforms, pump variety included. i love your legs:)

  2. hehe thanks :) too thin if u ask me :)

  3. hello there can i ask u a question and favor?

  4. can i ask it on ym account? nakakahiya kasi if dito. ito po yung account ko yan po thanks. we can have our conversation there. thanks

  5. Hi. I'm not really an active YM user. If you want you can leave your question here as a comment and I won't publish it nalang or you can email me at

    Thanks :)