Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parisian Holiday 2011

     SM Department Store's Parisian's summer collection is the bomb. Lots of bright and fun colors and prints. Here are some of the pairs that walked the runway during the PFW (May 2011) 

(photos from Stylebible.ph)

*sigh* I want them all. More colors/styles available. 
Go run to the nearest SM Department Store and check them out.

Parisian Printed Pumps in Turquoise (Also available in Orange)

     I got my camera back :) A replacement camera actually. Hence, much better quality of photos. No more phone pics.  I have to work on the location though. Hehe pardon the parking lot background
Thanks, D :)


  1. How nice the shoes you got! (:

  2. i'm glad Parisian is leveling up. love your shoes! :)

  3. Love your shoes, pants & bag combo!

  4. Very stylish and nice shoes.Trendy looks mean good dressing and show is a very important part of the look for sure to create the complete stylish look.

  5. thanks shopgirl jen, jenvegas and mineral cosmetics :)

  6. i saw these shoes and i loved all the colored pumps!
    I love your blog being a shoe person!:)