Saturday, April 9, 2011

Window SHOEpping

     Window shoEpping at Forever 21 while waiting for the bf. I was surprised to see some pairs in my size (as I seldom see size 5. They run out like they weren't even in the inventory).  Too bad the black pair is just to high for me to walk in and Im just not feeling the beige one. Maybe coz I already have a look-a-like pair.  I always enjoy window shoEpping and just trying on shoes especially when I'm alone in the mall.  Such a fun way to kill time.

     On other news the bf got a new toy. Here's a test shot. hehe Love it! Even if I have no make-up and don't look fresh anymore.. Not too obvious noh? :p
P.S. I'm wearing my first pair of POSHies. I want to go to the Coachella bazaar this weekend and check out their new styles and other brands. Hopefully I get to go tomorrow.


  1. love the outfit! burst of colors!

  2. love color blocking! :)

    nice picture. new cam? :)

  3. hehe ye. color blocking is fuuuun! :)
    new cam for the BF not me. still punishing myself for losing mine :p

  4. I tried on both of those, too! Haha! I kind of like the second pair because it was comfy. But I rarely wear heels!