Saturday, April 16, 2011

So! Fab and comfy :)

     You've probably seen this shoes a couple of times already in this blog. Bought this last March and it's my most used pair already (next to my flats). Infairness, they're so comfy! I would last the whole day and even walk around the mall after office hours with them. I love it!! I should go back to the shop (So! Fab) and buy the other colors.
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     Sharing some of the photos I saw in my phone -- these pics made me realized that I've worn this pair too many times already.

 The day that I bought this pair. If I remember it right this pair cost only around P1,000.
Yeah -- cheap, chic and comfy! :)

 Yup, I'm wearing a Justin Bieber shirt. Haha! Im still a "teenager" at heart .

My Monday look

TGIF. What I wore earlier.

     Sorry for the quality of the photos. As you can see, I took them using my phone and the lighting inside the elevator is not that good but it's the only place with a nice full length mirror I can use (If not here, our office restroom :p)


  1. I think Justin Bieber is cool :))

    I really love this shade of pink!

  2. wow you wore them in different looks! love it!:)

  3. Nice pics, love the shoes and cute style. :-)

  4. i love how so fab evolve. i remember back in college sa Glorietta, they have a store there.

    and i do understand your love for shoes. it never ends.