Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portable Shoe Organizer

Saw this at Le Devi (aka Divisoria) for only P120.00
     This shoe organizer is not only a space saver in your room but is also very portable. Easier to bring around instead those bulky shoeboxes which are hard to carry.  Perfect for celebrities, stylists, fashionistas and just about anyone who's always on the go.

 A friend of mine posted the picture above in Facebook with the caption -- "Maintaining two "closets" -- one in batangas, one in manila -- is not an easy job; so I store practically everything in my car. Hence, keeping my car tidy becomes an equally difficult task. Good thing J-Mee Ortiz gave me this shoe organizer that made my car a whole lot cleaner! Super thanks! Imma buy some more of this! :D" - Vevs

1 comment:

  1. I want to buy one but then my problem is will my shoes fit? haha. most of them are wedges and im an 8-9.