Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Loveable Billionaire and A Wimpy Kid

     I dunno why Arthur is not getting that much good reviews from movie critics abroad. I actually liked it. I love Mr. Katy Perry's humor and accent. Jennifer Garner and Hellen Mirren as expected delivered their roles well. I love them both too.  I didn't like Greta Gerwig though. I find her acting not convincing.. For me, another blonde actress could have played the part better -- Amanda Seyfried maybe? or.. anybody else. I didn't see the spark and connection between her character and Arthur.

Jennifer Garner wearing Casadei's Black Satin Pumps (w/ her Oscar de la Renta Pre-fall 2011 ensemble) during the New York premiere of Arthur last week.

     This double platform satin pumps seems to be very popular with hollywood celebrities. Below are the other celebrities who had worn the same pair. 

 photos from http://celebstylecentral.com/

 Catch ARTHUR in Philippine cinemas on APRIL 23 (SAT)
     Diary of A Wimpy Kid 2 is also opening on APRIL 23. An equally fun and entertaining movie for the whole family. Much better than the first installment. Kids and parents would definitely relate to.

Watch this funny clip of Rowley. He's so adorable :)

See you at the movies after the Holy Week :)


  1. i really wana watch both movies + thor! hehe ;)

  2. I want those double platform shoes!!!! And I loved the first movie of Wimpy Kid.. Cant wait to watch the second one.. :D