Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starting the Month with a Wish List

     I was in the Powerplant Mall earlier this evening for work.  I did some window shoePPing and drooled over the pairs below. It's a good thing that they don't have them in my size coz I'm (trying) on a buying hiatus until December :p  There were some nice pairs at Charles & Keith too.
Topshop Red Wisteria Chiffon Wedge
Topshop Granite Elastic Wedge
Topshop Sunflower Peep-toe

Melissa Wedge Brogues


  1. been your recent follower and i like your posts so much! :) for this one i love all your list of shoes specially the melissa wedge brogues, it's so cool!! :)
    hope you visit my blog! :)


  2. Hi,

    I love your blog! following you :)

    welcome to enjoy and follow at

    <3 Anika

  3. I just bought the red wisteria and its GORGEOUS <3