Friday, September 10, 2010

Desperate (Shoelover) Housewives

     So, okay. I've raved about this Wisteria Chiffon Wedge from Topshop in one of my recent entries. I've tried on this pair last week and they're not just eye candy but feet friendly too.  As usual they didn't have it in my size (what's new?). I saw these pretty fashionistas in Chictopia and I felt envious (in a good and bad way :p) If only I'm a size bigger, it would be easier for me to buy shoes :(
Patricia Prieto of PARADIGMA
Lissa Kahayon

I haven't seen anyone wearing the black pair.  Do you own one? Send me your link :)


  1. Love the beige one! ;D

    P.S. The 1st photo reminds me of our shoots inside the compound. lol ;p