Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Shoes

It's the birthday of my boyfriend yesterday.
He keeps on telling me not to buy him anything and to just save my money. He's such a girl, right? Saying that but really means "It's okay don't buy me anything but really I'll feel bad if I don't get a gift"

I've been contemplating to buy him either a pair of topsiders or some metrosexual sneakers but being the casual joe that he is, wearing only either a pair of chuck taylors, vans or nike dunks, he might not use it.

So I decided to file a leave at work and scout the mall for a gift. While waiting for him to pick me up for his Birthday dinner, I saw this nice leather shoes in Aldo. Simple enough for his taste but at the same time classy and handsome when worn. I remembered he was complaining that the leather shoes he has looks already worn out (It was the leather shoes I bought him on Christmas of 2008. That's his only pair -- imagine that). It's the perfect gift for him in the sense that he will never buy it but really needs it.

P.S. There was this nice yellow and black doll shoes pumps on sale but its size 5 was still too big for my feet. BUMMER!!!

The Birthday Boy with his plastic smile. Hehe

Aldo Lace up Leather Shoes
size 10

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