Thursday, February 17, 2011

Only the Marvelous' Shoe Closet

     I've been a follower of Joanna Ladrido's blog, ONLY THE MARVELOUS, for quite sometime already. I find this young fashionista such a doll (sometimes in a literal kind of way).
     I've done quite a few features of shoe closets of different people (CLICK THIS) and JL was sweet enough to allow me to share hers too.
JL's shoe closet as in in her blog.

Arranged by color. This kikay girl seems not to own a single pair of flats. I love it :)
She has a lot of designer shoes and at the same time patronizes local brands.
How about you, fellow imeldista? How does your shoe closet looks like? Email me pictures :)


  1. Everyone definitely has an inner Imelda in all of us! Besides, a pair of shoes can change your life...Just ask Cinderella!

    Thank you for the feature dear! I love it and am so honored...Now I need to build another one (I think) or abstain from buying shoes first :P

    Only the Marvelous

  2. thank u too, Joanna :)
    goodluck in abstaining! haha. you will be an inspiration to if if ever. LOL

  3. she definitely blew me away with all her shoes! such a dream! hehe

  4. i am in love with her shoe closet!

  5. watta gorgeous site and collection :)
    visit mine lovely!

  6. I definitely have an inner Imelda, too. :)

    Here's my link:

    Love your site! I've been looking through all the pages. :)

  7. Hey Trinnah!! Nice closet (and by closet I mean the shoes in the closet) hehe. Thanks for checking out my site and for sharing your page too :)