Monday, February 7, 2011

Ballet Shoes and A Ballet Movie

SUELAS, another pocket shoes brand, releases their new collection of ballet flats. No, ballet flats are not really ballet shoes but don't you find their concept cute :) Click HERE and HERE to view their latest collections.

 photos from Suelas

Speaking of ballet, BLACK SWAN starring Natalie Portman in her award winning performance as the prima ballerina, will be showing in Philippine cinemas starting February 23. Be one of the first people to watch it in the big screen during its sneaks on February 14 and 15. Natalie Portman won best actress in the recently concluded Golden Globes. She's also nominated for the Academy Awards as well as Darren Aronofsky for Best Director and Best Picture.

Watch the Trailer

Listen to This (Music by The Chemical Brothers)



  1. ive been waiting for this movie since the first release of the trailer! yey! how do i get tickets or reservations for the feb 14 and 15 screenings? thanks.

  2. i haven't watched this movie yet.... it looks so intriguing! and to answer your question, my cousin takes candid pics of me but most of the time i just use a tripod and remote :)

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  3. @Mia - i believe they're being sold like regular tickets

  4. oh i lovee the second ballet dancers photo! and oh yes i've heard so much about the black swan(:

    what a lovely blog you have going here(: