Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Block Heels

     Went window shopping last night and was successful on not buying anything ... anything for me that is. Haha! Bought the beau a pair of shoes which I'm now regretting coz I should have bought that beige pumps for me instead *selfish mode*. Anywhoo, I'm loving Topshop's Miu-Miu-ish "block heels". Who ever said bulky heels are not sexy?
 Layla Snak Print Block Heel Sandals

 Lark Dusty Pink Knotty Block Heel Sandals 
MY FAVORITE - good thing they don't have this in my size or else... :p

 Lover Black Chiffon Tie Wooden Platform Block Heel Sandals

 Livia Back Platform Block Heels Sandals


  1. I want the pink ones!!! Ilan weeks ko na yan minamata... Huhuuuu :(

  2. i like the 2nd one,, that's available in topshop?

  3. i love the first one - the snake print. haaay! :))

  4. oohh super love the 1st pair. Everytime I visit your blog, I see something I like and make a mental note to check it out sa stores..lagot na :)


  5. The Block heel trend is really starting to grow on me! Just love it.


  6. OMG I got the second ones today! they only had one pair left and they were in my size I couldn't believe it and they were in the sale for £35! x