Saturday, December 4, 2010

Should I??

 Oro Nero : white ankle strap wedge
Available in CMG (on sale-10% discount)

     Should I got back for this pair? HELP!!! I don't have a white wedge yet.. (actually I do but no straps and espadrille detail. Click HERE - see? :p hehe) and I just bought a black wedge pair online which is expected to arrive 2 weeks from now. 

(too lazy to attach photos)

1.) Red Ballet Flats
2.) Black Ballet Flats
3.) Leopard Print Ballet Flats / Pumps
3.) Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood in Leopard
4.) Carmelletes Black Wedge Booties
5.) H&M (or Carmelletes) Red platform pumps
6.) Blue suede pumps
6.) Mary Kay Oil Mattifier
7.) Mac 2-way Foundation
8.) Canon S90 / S95
9.) External Hard Drive
and 10.) White Oro Nero Wedge
+ love, happiness, contentment, good health for me and my love ones :)


  1. must-buy! i have cork wedge na white and may straps :) winner yan and iba talaga than espadrilles heehee! buy na! :)

    - bea

  2. nice shoes! i love strappy shoes! :)

    hope you visit and follow my blog too!! thanks!