Monday, December 13, 2010

A Cold Hong Kong Trip

     Had to go to Hong Kong for a couple of screenings. I was excited as I haven't experienced "winter" yet. Sucks that we only have "tag init" and "tag ulan" in the Philippines. Dressing up for the cold weather has always been a dream of mine. Hong Kong's weather is not yet freezing cold but cold enough for socks and scarves :)I love it

Leopard flats from Fort Tent Bazaar Php500

Touchdown Hong Kong
     The smallest luggage I have for an overnight trip. I didn't want to bring just an overnight bag.
Funny coz it was almost empty.

Hong Kong Day 2
H&M Booties

Changed to my flats in the Airport.
     I also removed my socks and stockings in the plane's lavatory before landing in Manila -- Removed my blazer, tucked in my top, loosened my scarf and viola! instant wardrobe transformation for Manila's humid weather. Too bad coz I wasn't able to take a mirror pic anymore.

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  1. Bet ko yun first outfit mo! :D
    Love your leopard flats!!