Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Forever Rant :)

STAPLES : basic suede pumps - in royal blue, gray and black @Php1,450 (more or less - sorry i forgot the exact price)
They got size 5 in black. uh-mazing! LOL
Size 5 in gray too!!! Wheeee
     I first saw the gray one and was ecstatic that they have a size 5.  I then saw the black one and got happier coz again, they have my size. Then I saw the blue one. I got super excited as I've been wanting to own a pair in that exact color. D and I checked all the blue ones lined up...... and yep you guessed it right... there was no size 5 left :( Retail associate said they're all out. *SIGH* Story of my life. FOREVER no size for me at FOREVER 21. Haha - but then again they have size 5 for the black and gray. There's still hope :P

I just had to try on these boots even if they're not my size.
Do you guys find yourself doing that? - trying on shoes eventhough you're pretty sure they wouldn't fit. Hehe. (Ooops. My green flats wanted to be in the picture too)


  1. haha! cute post! =) Yep I'm doing that most of the time (trying on shoes even if they wont fit) when I really like the style but unfortunately NO size for me.. =D

  2. Your post makes me wanna go to F21 tomorrow.. But I wont.. Baka kung ano pang mabili ko.. I read somewhere that pointed shoes are making a comeback.. I really like the black ones on you! And black always looks classy.. :) Dapat ni-sukat mo din yun blue then took a picture!!

  3. i was able to go there last nov 1 and i think it was the first time they displayed all shoes... i was torned between the grey one or the brown one... ended up buying the brown one since i got a grey pumps from parisian... got it also on sale 10% off!! love it! :) i'm currently regretting not getting the blue one..

  4. @MItchelli - are you a size 5 too? :)

    @Honey - Haha. Hay naku. super pigil ako lalo sa accessories. You'll want to buy each kind. In a way, i think it's a good thing that they don't have my shoe size coz if they do.. hay goodluck :p

    @Lauie - Oh ya. BROWN! I remembered they also have this in brown. Parisian also have blue suede pumps (not pointy but still nice).. and pink (and black and gray too) :D for only Php799 each. Not sure if they still have stocks though. I wanted to buy myself all the colors but their size 5 is kinda big for me :( sucks to be me!

  5. That shade of blue is beautiful, but you'll still get great use out of the gray shoes as the winter wears on. In the spring they'll look beautiful with pastels.

  6. Great shoes, I like the blue ones the most too, but as it's getting winter, the black and grey ones are easier to wear.
    And your outfit is very cute too!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  7. i just recently bought the brown boots and the black one at the back of your photo.

    you look soooo sexy with the gray pair :)