Saturday, November 6, 2010


     OMG! local version of the Finsk wedge made its debut during the Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 last week. I could have been fooled - I wouldn't know that those weren't Finsk if I hadn't seen Soule Phenomenon's Facebook fan page. What do you think?  If you guys are interested I believe you can purchase a pair from Soule Phenomenon's ONLINE SHOP.
photo grabbed from SOULE PHENOMENON's Facebook


  1. whattt? i was actually daydreaming this afternoon. wanted to buy those. how cool. then i saw the $500+ price tag. haha

    hmmm i wouldnt buy it here, sorry soule because it's a carbon copy. people might just say im wearing a fake one :(

    im just saying..

  2. even JC's Lita? Oh no. These famous designs made the headlines because they were created by these famous designers. To copy them is just sad.

    What do you think?

    I love shoes and all but not to this point. :|

  3. I got mine yesterday and I'm super in love with them :D

  4. @mia - i get u. i was really surprised that they made the exact replica. it seems more of a fake one than a pair with Finsk as the inspiration. but then again there are a lot of copy cats out there already soooo i dunno. :D hehe

    @honey - post your pic wearing it :) i wanna see.

  5. yep! i would a pair if it was inspired by the finsk but a replica is a no no. it's like buying shoes with red soles but aren't loubs. hehe :)

  6. Aww, different strokes for different folks ;) That applies to me when it comes to buying designer bags/clothes and most especially makeup. Have you seen the MAC replicas? Lol. I think I can live with wearing replica shoes than buying fake makeup and then putting 'em on my face :s

    The ones from Soule really doesnt compare to the original Finsk but I was desperate to own something that looks different from everything else that I own. Hahahaha! That plus the fact that I love Nicole. <3

  7. i hear ya, honey! :) i have impostor shoes as well (but no fake make-ups). i love Parisian. haha!! I love designer shoes and I'm guilty of buying knock-offs from other brands coz well, they're way affordable. Forever 21 has a lot of knock-offs too. Like their miu-miu maryjanes.. but they tweaked it a bit. It's probably because the Finsk shoes are way too unique so a replica would "irk" some faSHOEnistas :)