Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Ready For You

Brown "I'm Ready For You" Sinta Shoes

     I finally got to wear this pair I bought around 6 months ago. I was looking for my customized taupe wedge booties (which matches my jacket) this morning when I opened the wrong box and saw this instead.  I can't believe how comfy this pair is. I was surprised that I got to wear heels the whole day without getting blisters plus I was able to walk properly too. I love it. I will definitely be wearing this more often.

Can you guess what shoe store I'm in?


  1. Hi, I was wondering if your IRFY is exactly in the same material as the one featured on the Sinta website (that's the close up picture you have on your post). I ordered PLUM and was very disappointed because the moment I undid the buckles, the leather crumbled - in all the 3 straps of the left shoe. Also, the material seems to be very different from the one shown on the picture in the website. The leather is supposed to be smooth, right? What I got is textured - like caviar texture but a bit finer. And the supposedly PLUM shade seems off as well - it looks brown! Anyway, I contacted the owner and hopefully, this gets resolved because the shoe design is very nice!

  2. Hi! Mine's okay. I bought mine from a bazaar so I got to see and fit the actual item :)