Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Window Shopping (Parisian)

     I just want to share with you some shoes I saw in SM Department Store last week. I was window shopping while waiting for the beau when these cute boots and oxford heels caught my attention.

     The boots are super comfy to wear and easy to walk with. The oxford heels are equally nice but the heels are too high for me.  There were also some YSL-looking pumps in purple and black which I forgot to get pictures of.


  1. this is nice! :) thanks for sharing this one :)

  2. I really appreciate it when you blog about shoes that you see sa mga malls because this is exactly what I miss in Pinas!! Parisian and everything else that's stylish and affordable at the same time! Wala kase mala-SM dito eh :(

  3. no worries, rovie dear :)

    honey, will do more "window shopping" posts for you :) hehe. Walang SM pero meron namang H&M. shala! :)

  4. hay yan yung gusto ko bilhin.. top right!!! :(