Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glittery Flats

     My black pocket shoes has gone missing. So I have to find a replacement. I saw these cute-glittered ballet flats in SM Dept Store for only Php599 so I just had to buy them. Sad to say but the name "Parisian Comfy" is quite contradicting on how it felt like wearing them. I had to protect my precious feet with band aids :( #toogoodtobetrue But hey, I may just have gotten a bad pair. Others might really be comfortable :)


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  2. I get that too! especially when I first got my wedge from Parisian...but then I guess since the material is still new and stiff that's why it puts friction to our feet...well, give it some time, babe..I'm sure it'll heal and these comfy shoes will turn out to be one comfortable flats ;)

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  5. It look great ihave one in brown my sis give to me !!!
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  6. I miss Parisian shoes!!! I'd love to have these in nude.. I miss your blog posts!! Happy Valentines!!! ♥

  7. it's not you, it's really their shoes!
    i bought a pair too last year and that was horrible.
    it is indeed very contradicting!

  8. I also bought a pair of Parisian flats. Its the same as yours but with a different design. I had a bad pair too because when I was trying the shoe display, It was really comfortable. But when I asked for a new pair with the same size, It turned out that I didn't got one of the good ones :( I also had to wear it with band-aids on. I hope they can make a solution to this. Great blog anyways! :)