Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flower Power

Louboutin Dilian Flower Pumps
The heels (and more expensive) version of my flowery sandals

It seems that this pair is very popular with hollywood celebs

Ooh also spotted: Local celebrity Toni Gonzaga wearing the Dilian Pumps


  1. parang not too flattering? hehe :)

  2. u think? ako i like it kapag naka skirt or shorts. not kapag nakapants :)

  3. yea pangit sa pants and i like yung black compared to the tan one. parang nakakaitim. hehe.

  4. They're cute and I love the color scheme of the first photo!

  5. Dapat talaga nagartista na lang tayo lahat. Imagine, being able to afford and wear Louboutins just like that! Hay. Not that I'd buy these by the way. I agree that they're not very flattering. Plus, even on sale, these cost USD1300. That's PhP60K! Uh-huh.