Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Shoes :)

     Gave in to the trend and bought myself a pair of flatforms. Infairness, they're as comfy as sneakers -- comfier even. Was able to wear them the whole day (major walk-a-ton) sans the pain.
Me: Lookit!! :) *showing off my new shoes*
BF: They're nice. Para kang may suot na plantsa!
LOL! :p


  1. haha i thought u said u never wanted flatforms on your previous blog. that it was bawas ganda points.. u ate ur own words lol

  2. yeah ikr!!
    everyone was wearing flatform sandals in HK and I didn't like it... until i saw this brogues. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. I just had to bring them home with me :p

  3. I totally LOVE the name of your blog and the concept. I am so following you. =D
    Do check out my blog for an awesome giveaway. XX

  4. LOL for the plantsa term! but u looked good hun! followed u btw:)


  5. thanks for following and your sweet comments :) am now following you guys too :)

  6. mukha ngang comfy and soft Ms. Golda. =)

  7. lol-ing at your bf's comment about the shoes!

  8. lovin' your blog, dear. and your BF's reaction. epic!! haha. I can imagine my boyfriend saying the same thing. :P

    xx, NIX