Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jeffrey Love ♥

     I've been wishing for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Foxy Wood in Leopard since last year. SM Fashion Forum finally brought in size 5 this year and I got myself a pair - actually the BF bought it coz he lost a bet. haha! Yey for JC's and yey for free shoes right?
     I get a lot of attention whenever I wear my Foxy's (actually my shoes get the attention -- they look at my shoes then up my face then back to the shoes :p). The attention is not always flattering but I-DONT-CARE. I love my JCs.
     SM Fashion Forum will be bringing in new styles (Skate, Wooven Lita, Be Well, Salvatore, etc) and there will be an exclusive pre-sale on AVA on July 8 - 22. Sign up HERE
Do you want to own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell for FREE? there are 2 on-going promos 

1. via SM Fashion Forum and AVA. Click HERE for more information

 2. via MYSHOEPHORIA.COM - You only have til tomorrow to join. Have you started your own online shoe closet already?


  1. love your JC pair, and you're lucky to get it for free :)

  2. Ahlavet!! Looks super nice on you <3

  3. ooohh nice shoes =)) am a new follower here.. you can visit my blog too

  4. love your shoes. hope ill have the budget to buy one soon. =)

  5. how much was the shoes?

  6. i am solovin your style!

    im a new follower now ;)

    hope you can check my blog too ;)